American Line Dance

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  • American Line Dance
    • Metre, Rhythm and Tempo
      • 4/4 Time signature
      • Steady tempo
      • Bass line consists of crotchet movement.
    • Melody
      • Repetitive with narrow ranges
      • 4 bar phrases
      • Glissandos (slides) between notes are common
    • Structure
      • Verse-and-chorus
      • Segments have equal lengths
    • Instru-mentation
      • Music is sung, particularly by men
      • Guitar (often a steel guitar as it allows the player to slide easily between notes)
      • Banjo
      • Harmonica
      • Accordian
      • Violin
      • Drums
    • Key Features
      • Date of origin : 1980s
      • Place of origin : America
      • Famous Performers (country and western singers) : The Carter Family, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash
    • Dance Steps
      • Dancers stand in lines, all facing the same way.
      • They all perform the same steps in unison
      • One run though of a sequence is a 'basic'
      • An interrupted and then restarted sequence is called a 'sequence'.
      • Number of walled dance = number of walls faced in the dance.


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