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    • suggested in the book “Learning the Media: An introduction to Media Teaching” that there are four key themes in racial represe-ntation.?
      • THE ‘PITIED’
        • suggests that EM = stereotyped as victims
          • media (typically news) depicts groups as powerless + casualties of suffering.?
            • suggest they are culturally poor + incapable of supporting sel-ves (powerless)
              • charity adverts = partitioning + overdramatic
              • e.g Ethiopian Famine Report
        • media depicts EM as a ‘figure of fun’ to make us feel more comfortable about discrimination
          • affect: minimises EM authority and power within society.?
          • e.g. Dr. Dolittle
      • THE ‘EXOTIC’?
        • cultural + societal behaviour that was different to normal western values is viewed as exceptional and different.?
          • hiding the traditions of EM in mystery creates an exotic allure to further emphasise the differences between cultures.?
            • e.g. Rubicon TV Advert
        • Alvarado tells us that EM are depicted as a ‘social threat’ and ‘criminals’ in the media.
          • tv, newspaper + radio often blames societal issues (immigration, terrorism , rioting) on EM, scapegoating social ills through under-represented groups.?
            • E.G ‘Justice – Stress’ Music Video
    • his ideas link to tokeism
      • Tokenism = the practice of limited inclusion of a traditionally marginalised group, usually creating the false impression of inclusivity rather than discrimination.?
        • Token characters are often seen in otherwise conventionally-cast media texts, but are normally placed in background; they rarely contribute to the overall narrative + give the appearance that under-representation isn’t happening.?
          • e.g This Is What Happens When Writers’ Rooms Aren’t Diverse:
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