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    • LITHIUM (Li)
      • least reactive alkali metal
      • when mixed with water lithium fizzes gently and a few bubbles
    • SODIUM (Na)
      • when mixed with water  sodium fizzes quicker and creates smoke and made a loud bubbling noise
      • when mixed with water potassium very vigorously fizzes and creates a blue-purple flame and a loud fizzing
    • CAESIUM (Cs)
      • when caesium is mixed with water it is a bigger explosion than rubidium
    • RUBIDIUM (Rb)
      • when rubidium is mixed with water rubidium explodes and shatters the container
    • FRANCIUM (Fr)
      • the most reactive alkali metal
    • Trends in group 1 - alkali metals
      • reactivity increases down group 1
      • all alkali metals have to be stored in oil as the react with oxygen
      • alkali metals are soft enough to cut with a knife
      • as the elements get more reactive the melting point decreases


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