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A poster about Alkali metals, suitible for Cs3.

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There are six Alkali Metals:
Alkali metals have low melting points. As we go down the group the melting and boiling points
decrease and the reactivity increases.
Reaction of Alkali Metals and Water
Alkali metals are stored under oil as they react vigorously with water and oxygen. Lithium,
Sodium and Potassium all float on top of cold water because of their low density. They also melt
as the heat created in the reaction is great enough to turn them into liquid. Potassium reacts the
most explosively and bursts into fire.
When alkalis metals react with water they form metal hydroxides and hydrogen gas if formed.
The metal hydroxide then dissolves in the water to form a solution.
Reaction of Alkali Metals and Non-metals

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Alkali metals react with non-metals to form ionic compounds. This means that the alkali metal
loses one electron to form a metal ion with a positive charge. The product is a white solid that
dissolves in water to form a colourless solution.…read more


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