AGENTS OF SOCIALISATION: key concepts/theories/studies

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  • Agents of Socialisation~ A02
        • Tony Sewell: 'Cultural Comfort Zones'/Social Conformity- African-Caribbean boys
          • HARRIS: Argues peer groups more influential agent than family in shaping children's identity
            • SUE LEES: Pressure of teenage girls/double standards/ term '****' used to oppress female sexual behaviour
            • SKELTON + FRANCIS: boys dominate playground whilst girls exclude boys and partake in activities like skipping, + talking
        • Formal + Hidden curriculum
          • BOWLES + GINTIS: 'giant myth-making machine'//brainwashes kids into obedience + makes it seem fair with merit
      • MEDIA
        • Hypodermic Syringe Model: Media gradually brainwashes us how to think (norms + values)
          • role models/imitation/stereotypes
            • LAURA MULVEY (MALE GAZE): Females presented in the eyes of men as camera 'eyes up' the female
              • Advertising= construct our identities + imitation of influencers
                • YOUNG (2007): BULIMIC SOCIETY// CONSTANT HUNGER// "get rich or die trying culture" resulting in criminality= even poorer people strive to achieve status through products (links to conspicuous consumption// partake in illegal activity to be able to afford expensive items
      • RELIGION
        • argued: our attitudes influenced by religion
          • moral codes/code of conduct/role models- figure of authority, ie. GOD
        • MODOOD + BERTHOUD (1997)// national survey conducted of em's= "religion is very important to how I live my life"= 67% of young British Pakistani's + Bangladeshi's agreed; compared to 5% british
          • SECURALISATION= less religious
        • Resocialisation/formal + informal socialiation
        • WADDINGTON CANTEEN CULTURE: resocialisation in the workplace (police force)
    • PRIMARY (family only)
      • OAKLEY: family socialises kids into gender roles with x4 processes~ manipulation, canalisation, verbal appellation + different activities
      • BOUCHARD + HOLDEN: Separated x2 twins at birth/reunited + found similarities (supports Nature debate)
        • //Isabelle (The Chicken Girl)
        • //GENIE: locked up by father; missed primary socialisation stage (couldn't talk, walk, brush hair, etc)


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