Ageing Population UK

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  • Ageing Population-UK
    • Management
      • Encourage the immigration of young people to the UK-80% of 2004 immigrants were under 34-they can work and pay taxes
      • Raise the pension age-by 2046 it will be 68 for everyone-people will have to work longer (but will be paying taxes)
      • Raise birth rate-families are given 'working family tax credits'-makes having children more affordable
      • Encourage private pensions-government can give tax breaks for them-not so dependent on state pension.
    • Causes
      • Falling birth rate
      • Increased life expectancy
    • Positives
      • Many spend a lot on leisure activities, which can also provide jobs in those industries.
      • The 'grey pound' (money older people spend) is worth £100 billion to the UK annually
      • Can be very good and experienced workers-B&Q tries to employ them
      • Elderly people can provide childcare which can save families thousands
      • Many work past retirement and pay National Insurance/Taxes to help pay for pension
      • Nursing homes and care homes provide employment for millions
    • Negatives
      • People live past retirement, so pensions have to last 20+ years
      • The elderly have more complex needs, so it puts more pressure on GP's.
      • Healthcare paid by those in work-more older people and less working people means that money will run out
      • Some people in the top age groups have very little disposable income, so they need government help with living expenses




Printed off the mind map. Cut up the statements. Students then rearranged under the differing headers. Provides lively discussion. Great resource.

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