Age and Identity

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  • Age and Identity
    • Social attitudes
      • Age can be seen as a social construct
      • The way society views a certain age group affects people behaviour and treatment of eachother
      • People can see their identity as being part of a generation
      • The law affects how different age groups are treated
      • Bradley - age is less important in identity than other factors such as age, class etc.
        • This is because people know their age is temporary
    • The media
      • The media can influence social attitudes
      • Lambert - found that older men were often portrayed in positions of power.
      • Children are often portrayed as innocent
        • teenage characters in TV soaps are often a bit wild.
    • Marxism
      • Attitudes to age are influenced by capitalism
      • Adults are people of working age and elderly are too old for work
      • Phillipson - capitalism views the elderly as a burden on society
      • Old age becomes a stigmatised identity
    • Life expectancy
      • The UK has an ageing population
      • Giddens - argues that longer life expectancy has an effect on family life
      • Postmodernists argue that attitudes to old age are changing
        • Featherstone and Hepworth - magazines aimed at older people portray an image of youthful old age.
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