Political and governmental change, Adenauer's consolidation

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  • Adenauer's consolidation
    • Some suggested he had more power than the Basic Law allowed
    • Had an authoritarian style and forceful management of the Bundestag
      • But did keep the coalitions together giving a stable political base
    • 1949-63: First FRG chancellor, and leader of CDU
    • People thought he allowed too many ex-Nazis in the civil service
      • Argued this was the quickest way to move on
    • 1961: tried to set up government controlled television
      • Associated with the Der Spiegel affair
    • Changes to the vote and seat allocations made it harder for smaller parties to get majority
    • Worked to exclude left-wing opposition
      • Reminded people of the Nazi policy
    • Focused on the domestic economy and foreign policy
    • Wanted to unite Germany and work closer for European integration
      • Closer ties with West held back German unification


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