Actus Reus

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  • Actus Reus
    • Voluntary Acts
      • Hill v Baxter - The defendant must be in control of their actions. It can be said that if a driver was attacked by a 'swarm of bee's' he would not be in control of his actions.
    • Latin term for 'The guilty act.'
    • State of Affairs
      • R v Larsonneur - The defendant was accused of being an 'alien' upon returning to the UK, after being forced to leave and come back.
    • Omissions
      • Durty arising from contract
        • R v Pittwood - The defendant failed to fulfill his contract of closing the gate so that trains could go across the railway. As a result, a man died.
      • Duty arising from an assumption of responsibility
        • R v  Stone and Dobinson - The defendants failed to look after and seek medical attention for the  sister who was suffering from anorexia. As a result, she died.
      • Duty arising from starting a chain of events
        • R v Miller - The defendant set fire to the mattress but simply left the fire, and failed to call the fire brigade.


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