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What Makes you u s :
Liable for a Criminal U S R
Learning Objectives:
ALL pupils can OUTLINE how
a person can be FOUND
GUILTY of a criminal offence
What is a
MOST pupils can EXPLAIN
the meaning of ACTUS REUS
SOME pupils can APPLY cases
to their EXPLANATION of
the term ACTUS REUS…read more

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Print the Criminal
Liability revision
guide from the
shared area. You
will need to bring
this with you next
lesson.…read more

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Criminal Liability
Actus reus (the act)
Mens rea (guilty mind)
criminal liability…read more

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What is Actus Reus?
· Actus Reus is the
physical element of a
­ An act
­ An omission
­ A `state of affairs'
· In the majority of
cases the Actus Reus
is something the
Defendant (D) does:
­ Stabbing
­ Shooting
­ Hitting
­ Stealing…read more

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The Actus Reus Must Be Voluntary
· If D has no control over his actions then
he has not committed the Actus Reus.
· This was outlined in Hill v Baxter
Here the court provided examples of where a
driver could be said not to be acting
· Heart attack whilst driving + lost control.
· Stung by a swarm of bees + lost control.…read more

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The Actus Reus Must Be Voluntary
Other involuntary
acts include:
­ If A pushes B
into C. C is hurt
then A is liable.
­ Reflex action
­ If your car is
hit by a stone
causing you to
lose control.…read more

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