Acids and Bases

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  • Acids and Bases
    • Definitions
      • Acid= Proton donor
      • Base= Proton acceptor
      • Acid base reaction= involves the transfer of a proton
      • Monoprotic acid= Acid that releases one proton per molecule
      • Diprotic= Acid that releases 2 protons per molecule
    • Strong Acids
      • All molecules dissociate into ions
      • HCl, HNO3, H2SO4
    • Weak Acids
      • Only a small fraction of the molecules dissociate to form ions
      • Organic acids
    • Strong Acid = pH= -log(H+)
    • Strong Base= Kw= (H+)(OH-)
    • Weak Acid
      • By itself Ka= (H+)2 / HY
      • In buffer= (H+)(a-) / (HA)


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