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  • Accountability
    • Definition
      • Being responsible for the actions you make and answerable for your actions
    • Professional Standards
      • All HSC staff  are expected to follow the professional standards
      • The standards are set and monitored by different professional bodies
    • How are HSC staff held accountable?
      • Follow codes of professional conduct
      • Apply codes to practice
      • Undertake revalidation
      • Follow policies and procedures
      • Failure to do so can result in the loss of a job or professional status
    • Responsibilities of professional bodies
      • Monitoring the leve and content of the initial educatuon and training of members
      • Monitoring the ongoing professional development of workers (CPD - Continuing Professional Development)
      • Monitoring the standards of professional practice in their everyday work
      • Monitoring the standards of personal conduct, both and work and off work


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