Childhood (Background to Alexander the Great)

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  • Childhood (Background to Alexander the Great)
    • Death of Philip
      • At Philip's daughters to King of Epirus (Olympias' half brother).
        • Pushes her out of frame, different link to Epirus
      • Pausanias was acting as a bodyguard, killed Philip. Alexander immediately declared king
        • Pausanias tries to escape on getaway horse but is executed by Alexander.
          • Justice or keeping him quiet? New son of Philip a threat: 'true' Macedonian, quoted from Medea (take law into own hands) to Pausanias.
        • Pausanias = former lover of Philip (method of panhellanising), replaced by younger model - bullies. New boy kills self, Attalus finds out.
          • Old Pausanias *****, appeals to Philip but Atttalus is uncle of his wife
    • Philip's physical legacy
      • Army
        • Reformed army using tactics learned when he was Theban general's hostage
        • Professional, could march days unsupported and in winter. Alexander had access to experienced generals such as Parmenion, Antipater
        • Companion cavalry. Elite heavy cavalry, delivered killing blow. Hypaspists (shield bearers) Phalanx spears. Thessalian cavalry and light infantry on outside
      • Campaigned and gained land in Thrace, Chaldike
        • Forged alliances with Greek city states (Delphic League)
          • Eventually submitted to hegemony through League of Corinth (not Sparta)


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