Standard English

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  • Standard English (Attitudes to)
    • KEYWORDS social attitudes, accent/dialect, social class
    • SE: Most prestigious variety of English; Characterised by its lexis, grammar and punctuation
    • Received Pronuncation: The most prestigious accent; regionless
    • Accent/Dialect
      • Accent
        • Phonology: h-dropping, goat-fronting, glottal stopping
      • Dialect
        • Lexis: ten-foot, nowt, mafting, bray, I'm absolutely  nithered
    • Examples of non-standard English
      • Double negative: I ain't never doing that again
      • Subject-verb agreement: I were going out / We was best friends (call it non-standard subject verb agreement)
      • Contractions: ain't/aren't - non-standard contractions of the verb 'am not'
    • Prescriptivism: one superior variety: SE / RP; language in decline; needs gatekeepers
      • Lindsay Johns
        • 'street slang' innit, bruv, basically should be banned
    • Descriptivism: all varieties equal; no such thing as good/bad English
      • Michael Rosen
        • Shakespeare uses 'cuz' + David Cameron speaks 'Eton slang'


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