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  • ABH
    • Definition
      • Offences against the person act 1861 section 47
      • an assault which occassions actual bodily harm
    • Actus Reus
      • An assault
        • Can be simple assault or battery
        • Silent phone calls - R v Ireland
      • Actual Bodily Harm
        • Any hurt or injury likely to interfere with V's health or comfort
          • Must be more than trifling - R v Miller
        • Temporary loss of consciousnes
          • T v DPP Smith
        • Cutting of ponytail
          • DPP v Smith
        • Psychiatric harm
          • R v Ireland
    • Mens Rea
      • Intention or recklessness as to cause V to expect force/ intention or recklessness as to inflict unlawful force on V
        • The mens rea of assault and battery, no MR required for ABH
        • Assault - R v Savage
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