a view from the bridge act 1 part 1

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  • A View From the Bridge Act 1 Part 1
    • Alfieri, the lawyer enters and talks about the distrust felt for all lawyers in  Red Hook, the setting.
    • Alfieri speaks about justice and the law which are important themes in the play.
    • Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman goes into his house where he talks to wife Beatrice and niece Catherine
    • Catherine is upset when Eddie criticises   her clothes and behaviour.
    • Eddie informs Beatrice and Catherine that Marco and Rodolfo, Beatrice's cousins have arrived on a ship from Sicily. They are illegal immigrants.
    • Beatrice is very nervous and is worried in case the cousins do not find the place acceptable.
    • Eddie warns Beatrice and Catherine that they should be cautious and not say anything about Marco and Rodolfo.
    • Catherine then prepares Eddie for some big news of her own.
    • In this section, we see that Eddie is very over-protective of Catherine.
    • The playwright lets us know that the illegal immigrants are coming, building tension and excitement.
    • Alfieri is the narrator who speaks directly to the audience. He is thoughtful and sympathetic to his community.
    • Eddie is seen as a strong family man.
    • Catherine is lively, attractive and very warm as a character but is slightly annoyed with Eddie when he criticises her.
    • Beatrice has a generous nature shown through her inviting Marco and Rodolfo but shows a nervousness when she hears that they have arrived.


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