A River's Long Profile

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  • A River's Long Profile
    • The path of a river as it flows downhill is called a COURSE.
      • Closest to the source of the river.
      • Very steep gradient.
      • V-shaped valley that is very shallow and narrow
      • It has a medium gradient.
      • Gently sloping valley sides.
      • Has a wider, deeper channel.
      • Closest to the mouth.
      • Very wide, deep channel
      • A very wide, almost flat valley.
    • River flow in CHANNELS in VALLEYS.
      • They erode the landscape - they wear it down, transport the materials to somewhere else where it is deposited.
      • A river's long profile demonstrates the gradient of the river.
        • The cross profile section demonstrates what the cross section of the river looks like.
    • The shape of the valley changes along the COURSE due to the impact of erosion or depostion


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