A flying start

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  • A flying Start
    • Overveiw
      • Sheena Petal is a qualified helicopter pilot and holds a Commercial pilot liscence
        • Since leaving the RAF, Sheena has earned £50,000 a year as a pilot
          • Providing heliciopter flights for leisure and business purpose for a London-based company
      • Recently received an inheritance of £675,000
      • AIM: To create and expand a business and to generate hig profits
      • Setting up a helicopter charter service for business meetings, sporting and socai levents as well as special occasions
        • Rise sharply in summer months
          • Peak Season is June to August
            • She is starting after peak season
              • She misses out on peak season, however will catch it next year
      • Eurocopter EC135 helicopter which will seat up to 7 passengers
      • Based in Surrey
        • High number of potential customers
        • Competition from EBG Helicopters LTD, also based in surrey
          • Uses Redhill Aerodrome
            • Also where Sheena is considering using her base
      • Private Limited Company
    • Finances
      • Inheritence of £675,000
        • £690,000
      • Will require £3 million capital from somewhere
      • Sheena is buying 23% of shares
        • £690,000
        • Inheritence of £675,000
        • Her father is buying 25%
          • £750,000
        • To gian the rest of the capital she can:
          • Issue more shares
          • Arrange a loan from her bank whilst interest rates are low
        • Budgeting
        • Needs another 52%
          • £1,560,000


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