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  • Business software
    • Database
      • Could hold potential information about her potential clients and suppliers
      • Easier to contact them
        • Suppliers
          • Keep information on the suppliers of equipment for the helicopter of fuel supplies
          • Information about engines in case of any difficulties
        • Customers
      • In the case of clients it means you can privide them with additional services in the future
        • Offer them leisure flights if they have used flights for business purposes in the past
      • Can easily target different customers with tailored flights
    • Spreadsheet
      • Used for finacial data on costs, revenue or cash flow forecasts to calculate all costs with formula
      • Also good forchanging fuel costs, which fluctuate regularly
        • Useful when putting together a business plan for the start-up to look at viability or feasibility of the business idea
    • Benefits
      • Keep up-to-date records of the sales and expenditures and will be bale to judge the finacial position at any time
      • Draw up cash flow forecasts which will help them avoid any cash flow crises
      • Helps them reduce costs by being more efficient in an already competitive market
      • More organised and manage thier time more effectively
      • Manage debtiors and creditors effectively
        • Debtors - Retial customers who take the service on credit
        • Creditors - Money owned to suppliers of fuel


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