A View From The Bridge Revision

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  • A View From The Bridge
    • Eddie Carbone
      • Quotes
        • "B, he's taking her for a ride"- To Beatrice
        • "I want my name"-To Beatrice
        • "I want my respect"- To Beatrice
        • "Katie...You're a baby, you don't understand these things"- To Catherine
      • Relationships
        • Catherine- Incestuous   Love
          • "You want something else, Eddie and you can never have her"- To Eddie
        • Beatrice- Love
        • Rodolfo- Hatred & Jealousy
    • Beatrice
      • Quotes
        • "You want something else, Eddie and you can never have her"- To Eddie
        • "What're you gonna stand over her till she's forty?"- To Eddie
        • "What did you do?"- To Eddie
        • "The truth is not as bad as blood"- To Eddie
      • Relationships
        • Eddie- Love
        • Catherine- Love
        • Rodolfo- Family Love(cousins)
    • Rodolfo
      • Quotes
        • "I have a nice face, but no money."
        • "I want to be American"
        • "It's my fault, Eddie... I wish to apologise."- To Eddie
        • "The guy ain't right"- To Rodolfo, from Eddie
      • Relationships
        • Catherine- Love
        • Eddie- He thinks Rodolfo is homosexual
          • Context- In the 1950's being homosexual was wrong, therefore Eddie disliked Rodolfo, throughout the play.
        • Beatrice- Family Love
    • Marco
      • Quotes
        • "He killed my children"- To Eddie
        • "Marco is face to face with Eddie, a strained tension gripping his eyes and jaws."
        • "Marco spits into Eddie's face"- Narrator
        • "Animal! You go on your knees to me"- To Eddie
      • Relationships
        • Rodolfo- Brothers
        • Eddie- Hatred
    • Alfieri
      • Quotes
        • "The truth is holy"
        • "I was so powerless to stop it"
        • "The law is only a word for what has the right to happen".
      • Relationships
        • Eddie- Friends
    • Catherine
      • Quotes
        • "If I was a wife I would make a man happy instead of going at him all the time"
        • "She's crazy to start work"- Beatrice to Eddie.
        • "Eddie, I never meant to do nothing bad to you"- To Eddie
      • Relationships
        • Rodolfo- Love
        • Eddie- Family love
        • Beatrice- Family love


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