A Song - Helen Maria Williams

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  • A Song
    • Consistent ABAB rhyme scheme portrays her consistent longing for her lover
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    • Her lover's personality is enough to make her happy
      • "-/He gave me all his heart!"    Exclamation preceded by dash places emphasis on the fact that her lover's heart is enough.
      • The speaker feels truly touched by his personality - "His soul sincere, his generous worth/ might well this bosom move."
      • The speaker doesn't want material goods, and questions her lover's need for this: "Why wander riches to obtain/When love is all I prize?"
    • Williams uses a semantic field of water to reflect the speaker's sadness of her lover being away/unfulfilled relationship.
      • "While he the dangerous ocean braves/my tears but vainly flow" - both her and her lover experience sadness, but for different reasons.
      • The last line is "The storm is in my soul."


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