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  • London
    • What happens?
      • Depicts suffering of the poor in London
      • The abuse of power by those in charge
      • End of 18th century
    • Meaning
      • Political protest against government, church, monarchy and the industrial revolution
      • Critique of human suffering as a result of pursuit of power
    • Key Quotations
      • 'Marks of weakness, marks of woe'
      • 'The mind-forg'd manacles I hear'
      • 'Runs in blood down palace walls'
    • Language
      • Anaphora - persuasive nature of suffering
      • Synecdoche emphasising targets of protest
      • Plosives + oxymorons final lines
    • William Blake
    • 1794
    • Structure and Form
      • 4 quatrains
      • Ballad without narratice
      • Regular rhyme scheme
      • Repetition supporting inescapable nature of human suffereing
    • Context
      • Industrial revolution
      • French revolution
      • Royal charters
      • Songs of innocence and experience
      • Discovery of 'excluded' final stanza


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