A Christmas Carol-Family

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  • A Christmas Carol-family
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      • Queen Victoria and her husband have 9 children. They were presented as the loving and happy and model family.
        • When Scrooge's father changed to become kinder he was temporarily saved from loneliness and when Fan collects him she says that the family home is "like heaven" (simile)
          • Dickens implies that Scrooge and Fan were close and her death would have affected him and added to his loneliness and isolation
    • The end
      • Scrooge becomes part of 2 families as he becomes a "second father" to Tiny Tim and strives to help the Cratchits and also visits Fred and begins a new relationship with him as he ask "will you let me in, Fred?"
    • Warmth vs Cold
      • Cold and loneliness are set up in opposition to the warmth of the family.
        • Symbols of coldness such as Scrooge's empty heart, refusal to provide heat for Cratchit and keeping his own house dark to save money show Scrooge's cruelty and lack of connection- "a frosty rime was on his head
        • But family provides an antidote to this coldness. When Fred enters the house suddenly warms up as "he had heated himself with rapid walking in the fog and frost ."
        • This is a way for Dickens to show what happens when you have a family and when you don't
    • Scrooge does have a kind of family in his partner Marley.The inseparability of their names above the firm's entrance shows how close they are at least in business terms and though they are bachelors they share their lives and the suite of rooms is passed down like a family legacy from Marley to Scrooge


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