A Child To His Sick Grandfather

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  • A Child To His Sick Grandfather - Joanna Baillie
    • Context
      • Writing during the early romantic period
      • Influenced poets such as Shelley and Byron
      • Writing in a time where women's voices were rarely heard; many contemporary writers held her in the highest esteem
    • Structure
      • Second person/ direct address throughout (You/your)
      • Rhyming couplets, harmony + equal relationship, predictable until the end
      • Missing syllable in the last line of every stanza, gives reader strange jarring effect
      • Repetition of "dad" shortened from Grandfather shows a closer bond- every stanza ends with an address to "dad"
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    • Compare To
      • Death- My Father Would Not Show Us
      • Parent/ child relationship - Nettles
      • The Body- Manhunt
    • Imagery/ Language
      • Personification of strength - "But yet, for all his strength be fled, I love my own old dad"
      • "Yet ne'ertheless I am right glad, To sit beside you, dad" - appreciative of any time they can spend together
      • Fond memories- "You used to smile and stroke my head"
      • "And when the weary fire turns blue,/ I'll sit and talk with you" - conditional, conveys the message of mortality


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