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  • 5. Why was Hitler able to CON-SOLIDATE POWER so quickly in 1933-34?
    • 1. Reichstag Fire
      • Feb - Reichstag building destroyed by fire - Dutch communist blamed
        • they didn't convict other communists so hitler replaced the courts with people's courts
          • tried treason cases
      • Hitler used the unease and confusion to consolidate his own power
      • Fire "part of a communist conspiracy"
        • persuaded Hindenburg to: declare a state of emergency
          • and pass the 'Law for the protection of People and State'
            • Hitler could now legally use decrees to govern Germany
            • ended freedom of speech, association and press
      • Fresh Elections
        • during the next elections they could say the country was in danger from communism
        • law for protection of people and state meant he could imprison his communist rivals
          • banned communists taking their seats after the election so he had a 2/3 majority
            • could change the constitution of the republic if he wished.
              • he could easily pass new laws
        • biggest party in the reichstag
    • 2. Enabling Act
      • Enabling Act
        • communists couldn't attend
        • intimidating by SA and **
        • 444 votes to 94
        • Hitler could make laws for 4 years without the consent of the riechstag.
      • results of it
        • banned trade unions
          • set up german labour front
        • removed all other parties
        • banned regional parliaments
          • allowed gestapo to rule by terror
        • concordat
    • 3. Night of the Long knives & Death of Hindenburg
      • still opposition in the nazi party
        • Rohm leader of SA too powerful, all SA were loyal to him. and opposed some of his policies
          • Night of the Long knives
            • SA under hitler's control
            • Hitler acting illegally by murdering rivals for power
              • some germans objected to violence but thankful the SA were restrained
              • 'it's in the interests of germany'
            • senior officers arrested and shot
              • over 4 days, 400 people shot
      • Death of Hindenburg
        • Hitler declared himself Fuhrer
          • oath from every soldier
          • plebesite
            • 90% yes
          • now a total dictator
    • now he could make his own laws, he needed to turn it into a totalitarian state
    • nobody could oppose him so it was easy for him to pass new laws quickly and rapidly consolidate his power


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