5. Business Ethics - Kantian ethics

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  • 5. Business Ethics - Kantian ethics
    • Categorical imperative
    • Maxim of universalisation
      • Businesses should have practices that are best for all businesses and can be applied to all
      • Exammple
        • Moving all call centres to India is impractical
      • Example
        • Giving all employees some shares can be made universal (e.g. John Lewis)
    • People as ends
      • people (customers, employees, etc) should not be ends, not used as a means to an end (e.g. profit)
      • Against sweatshops
        • Workers are not commodities/indispensable
      • Supports Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Criticisms
      • It's not practical to put people over profits
        • Businesses would fail
      • Consequences are not considered
        • It is not possible to run a business without looking at outcomes, especially if deciding if they're good or bad
      • Kant says duties are unbreakable, but what if duties conflict
        • e.g. to shareholders or employees


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