2010 ks3 and 2007

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  • 2010 P2 and 2007
    • What is the useful energy transfer when coals burnt
      • chemical to thermal
    • Give the name of one type of energy release that isn't useful
      • light
    • Which energy source do plant use to produce sugar
      • Sun
    • What is the melting point of pure lead
      • 327 degree
    • Describe how you can show how much a plant grows compared to variegated
      • IV:Variegated and norma leaves DV:size of leaves CV:water .Calculate damage 50 for each type of plant
    • what happens in the wall of uterus to push the baby out
      • muscle contracts
    • what process happens in rock
      • weathering
    • Describe how genetic information is passed on
      • genes in egg
    • what will be the consequence if mucus is prdouced
      • mucus will build up , coughing
    • what would he see in the beaker
      • crystals as cooler water cannot dissolve as much potassium chloride
    • What evidence is there 3 salts deposited at 25 degree
      • above 25 degree sodium chloride is deposited before potassium chloride


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