1920's America

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  • 1920's America
    • Isolationism
    • The Fordney-McCumber tariff:Putting tax on foreign goods meaning American goods were cheaper.
    • Mass Production
      • Goods were being produced quicker due to the assembly line, meaning a person just had one job to do instead of multiple.This worked for Ford and it meant that the prices of car went down while wages of the workers went up.
      • By 1930 there was more than 30 million cars in the USA. There was more demand for electricity and many skyscrapers were built in New York. The number of households with radios went from 60,000 in 1926 to approx 173,000 in 1929.
    • Laissez-faire: Not interfering with businesses.
    • The stock market boomed, on average share prices went up by 300%
    • Immigration
    • KKK: They terrorised not only African Americans but Jews and Catholics. They beat, ***** and lynched many people. However, their members declined after one of their leaders kidnapped, ***** and murdered his ex girlfriend on his train.
    • Jim Crow Laws: The segregation of white and black people.
    • Prohibition
      • Speakeasies= illegal bars. Bootleggers= transporters and sellers of illegal alcohol.Moonshine = illegal alcohol.Prohibition workers were appointed by the government but were given a small wage which meant they were sometimes easily bribed.A reason why prohibition ended was because of violence. The St. Valentines Day massacre was when two on Al Capone's men dressed as police and shot down seven of Bug's Moran's gang.
    • Wall Street Crash
      • Long-term causes: Over production in agriculture drove prices down. Over production in consumer goods meant that once people had them, they didn't need more.Tariff policy.Unequal distribution of wages.
      • Short-term causes: Share prices dropping meant a loss of money and jobs, banks went bankrupt because people couldn't pay their loans back in time.


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