Push and Pull factors in 1920s america

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Push and Pull factors in 1920s america


  • The American Dream: America prided itself on the idea that everyone has the right to achieve success and prosperity an idea known as the 'American Dream.'
  • Pay and conditions: During the 1920s American workers were earning on average, almost twice as much as any worker in other countries. The standard of living in the USA was considered the highest it had ever been in the countries history.
  • Opportunities: America gave all men equal rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." This was called the 'declaration of independence states.' These ideas were particularly attractive to immigrants who believed they would be free to live their own lives with freedom of speech and Religion.
  • Land: America was very spacious offering land for businesses to develop on


  • Lack of space- Many towns and cities in europe were overcrowded. Land was expensive and in short supply where as the USA was very spacious.
  • Persecution: Jews were the main group of people that were victims of this hate. In Russia there were common organised attacks on jews as well as restrictions in the education system for them. This pushed jews out of Europe in order for them to be provided a good education and to feel safe.
  • Lack of opportunity: Europe had very little equal rights and and there was little access success or prosperity.
  • Poverty: Europe is surrounded with poverty as there is little job opportunities. Therefore pushing people out of Europe to give themselves a chance of coming out of poverty


Do you think the push factors or the pull factors were the main cause of immigration into America in 1920?Finally I believe Europe's push factors was the main reason people migrated to America because they were so desperate to make their lives and their children's lives better, that they had to move.


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