1. Nixon's policies in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

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  • 1. Nixon's policies in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
    • Richard Nixon came to presidency in January 1969
    • Determined to end Vietnam War and to improve relations with Soviets and China
    • Prospects greatly improved thanks to Sino-Soviet split
    • Détente with Soviets and Chinese helped to end Vietnam War, but Nixon also needed large scale bombing of North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to force Hanoi to accept what he called 'peace with honour'
    • Even as Nixon withdrew American troops, many Americans perceived him as having dramatically extended war through interventions in Laos and Cambodia, and this led to the biggest anti-war protests yet
    • US finally signed peace treaty ending its involvement in Vietnam in January 1973
    • But Communists continued to fight Saigon regime and in spring 1975, they reunified Vietnam and triumphed in Laos and Cambodia


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