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Spanish GCSE - Unit 8 - La Salud

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In my opinion...
En mi opinión ...
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I think that...
Creo que...
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As I see it...
A mi modo de ver...
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On one hand..., on the other hand...
Por un lado..., por otro lado...
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I'm not bothered...
Me da igual...
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I would be afraid of...
Tendría miedo de ...
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Drinking alcohol
beber alcohol
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smoking cigarettes
fumar cigarrillos
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carrying knives
llevar navajas
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taking soft drugs
tomar drogas blandas
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taking hard drugs
tomar drogas duras
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to live in a rough neighbourhood
vivir en un barrio violento
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la dependencia
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to become a drug addict/an alcoholic
hacerse drogadicto/alcohólico
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the risks
los riesgos
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to die
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is dangerous
es peligroso
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is a waste of time/money
s una pérdida de tiempo/dinero
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is stupid
es una tontería
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it's fun
es divertido
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my friends do it
mis amigos lo hacen
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it doesn't seem a serious thing to me
no me parece una cosa seria
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you can give up easily
se puede dejar fácilmente
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is harmless (I don't think so!!!)
es inofensivo
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Creo que...


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A mi modo de ver...


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Por un lado..., por otro lado...


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Me da igual...


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A good set of flashcards that will help you to revise some basic vocabulary to talk about some social issues and other problems. Combine these cards with the "Los Problemas Sociales" flashcards ( and you will have a great set of revision cards. 

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