Wyatt's Rebellion 1554

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4 main causes of the rebellion
Anti-Spanish feeling, religion, economics and faction
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Who was Mary planning to marry in 1554?
Philip of Spain
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People thought England would become the '....' in Spanish Interests
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People thought that Spain would involve England in what?
European conflicts
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What would this drain and lead to?
Resources, increased tax
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What stance did the English church have in 1554?
Catholic (Conservative)
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Who was the man ordered by the government to say the main cause was purely religion?
John Proctor
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Where did the Rebellion originate?
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What happened economically in Kent?
Decline in the Cloth Trade + rise in unemployment
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Solely the Cloth Trade?
No, list of rebels suggests over 30 trades
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Who would not like to see Spanish power over patronage?
Gentry (especially young Gentry in Kent)
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Where were the 4 simultaneous rebellions supposed to be held?
Kent, Devon, Leicestershire, Welsh Borders
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Who did they supposedly have support from?
The French
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What happened to the plot?
It was leaked - forced a premature rebellion
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Who led the rebellions of 1554?
Thomas Wyatt
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Who was he and how did this help the rebellion?
Large landowner in Kent with a strong local standing, able to rally up support quickly
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How many rebels did he rally up?
Over 3,000
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Who couldn't he get support from and what problems did this pose?
Gentry members and Nobles, lack of support as they got closer to London
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Who did Mary send to meet the rebels and where?
Duke of Norfolk (aged), at Rochester
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What did Mary's forces do and what did they chant?
They abandoned Mary's cause and chanted 'We are all Englishmen!"
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What 2 things did Mary do that strengthened her position?
Remained in London, and appealed to the people
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Quote from her speech:
'I do earnestly and tenderly love and favour you'
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What did Wyatt do that was fatal for the rebellion?
Delayed marching on London
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What did this give Mary, and what did she do?
Time, she fortified London, including London Bridge
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Where were the rebels defeated?
At Ludgate (doors didnt open)
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How many rebels executed?
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4 reasons for failure
Mary's skill, Wyatt's leadership, lack of support, location
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The contemporary view of the main cause was what?
Came solely from Religion (John Proctor)
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Revised Historian View (David Loades)
Came from Political reasons, the Anglo-Spanish marriage
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Evidence for religion being cause
14 lay leaders, 8 protestant and 3 probable
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What was Kent at the time, supporting this religious view?
Religiously Radical County
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However, religion was what to each and every rebel..
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Why do you have to be careful of Wyatt's supposed motivation of the marriage?
The country was religiously divided - Patriotism would have gained much more support
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What impact did the rebellion potentially have on Philip?
May have been the reason he rarely visited England
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Impact on the succession?
Mary didn't change the succession away from Elizabeth
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Monastic lands?
Mary abandoned restoration of monastic lands
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Who was Mary planning to marry in 1554?


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People thought England would become the '....' in Spanish Interests


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People thought that Spain would involve England in what?


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What would this drain and lead to?


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