What is inequality.

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1. What is a life chance?

  • About the opportunities you get during your school life.
  • About opportunities of job chances.
  • About opportunities of enjoying the good things in life and avoiding the bad.
  • About opportunities you get in farmville.
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2. What is sexism?

  • Humans are better than animals.
  • The idea that one gender is better than another.
  • Animals are better than humans.
  • Humans and animals are exactly the same.

3. What is inequality?

  • It is about the differences between humans and water.
  • It is about the differences between humans and a basketball.
  • It is about the differences between the rich and poor.
  • It is about the differences between humans and other animals.

4. What is a lifestyle?

  • The way you spend your thursday evening.
  • Style of your clothes.
  • The way that people live.
  • Style of life.

5. What is wealth?

  • The amount of possessions a person has, this can include money, property and other possessions.
  • The amount of water a person has.
  • The persons social status.
  • The persons ultimate team coins.


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