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Spanish GCSE - Unit 1 - De vacaciones

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I danced
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I met many people
Conocí a muchas personas
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I listened to music
Escuché música
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I skied
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I went on a trip
Fui de excursión
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I played volleyball
Jugué al voleibol
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I sent texts
Mandé mensajes
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I rode a bike
Monté en bicicleta
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I took photos
Saqué fotos
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I sunbathed
Tomé el sol
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I visited monuments
Visité monumentos
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I rested
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I went horse-riding
Monté a caballo
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I swam in the swimming pool
Nadé en la piscina
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I skated
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I did yogo
Hice yoga
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I went climbing
Hice alpinismo
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I went sailing
Hice vela
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I went sky diving
Hice caída libre
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I went to dance classes
Fui a clases de baile
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I went for a bike ride
Di una vuelta en bicicleta
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I hiked
Fui de excursión
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I sang songs
Canté canciones
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I wrote letters / emails to my friends
Escribí cartas / emails a mis amigos
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I bought lots of presents for my family and friends
Compré un montón de regalos para mi familia y amigos
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I played football
Jugué al fútbol
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I played cards
Jugué a las cartas
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I bathed in the sea
Me bañé en el mar
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I woke up late everyday
Me desperté tarde todos los días
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I went to sleep late every night
Me acosté tarde cada noche
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I visited a lot of places of interest
Visité muchos lugares de interés
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I ate a great variety of traditional dishes
Comí una gran variedad de platos tradicionales
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I drank refreshing drinks
Bebí bebidas refrescantes
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I had an ice-cream everyday
Tomé un helado cada día
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I rode a bike
Monté en bicicleta
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I walked in the promenade every evening
Caminé en el paseo marítimo cada noche
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I rested
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I relaxed
Me relajé
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I stayed in a five stars hotel
Me alojé en un hotel de cinco estrellas
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I stayed for 15 days
Me quedé 15 días
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I read my favourite book
Leí mi libro favorito
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Conocí a muchas personas


I met many people

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Escuché música


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Fui de excursión


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