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2. What do you do when you shut down a shop whilst people are still eating?

  • Baba,Tushka
  • Life Is Cruel,
  • Say Ta,Ta
  • Get Out!

3. What is your favourite popstar, you may get it wrong as you might not like the right pop star but you just have to go and give it a chance will you try?

  • Taylor Swift
  • Katy Perry
  • Maddona
  • Bionce

4. What do you do after a rose burns up?

  • Burp
  • Say.... HAHAHA!
  • Leave it
  • Pick it Up
  • Stamp on It

5. What do you say when some1's died?

  • It Was Me
  • Laugh
  • He's Gone
  • Forget About It


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