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2. Pain sensation from the liver is via which?

  • The coeliac plexus
  • The vagus nerve
  • The lower intercostal nerves
  • The phrenic nerve

3. Which of these statements is false?

  • The submandibular gland only produces mucous fluid
  • Mumps is a primary cause of parotitis
  • The sublingual duct opens lateral to the submandibular duct
  • The parotid gland initiates the digestion of starch

4. The anterior liver drains into which lymph nodes?

  • Phrenic then thoracic duct
  • Phrenic then cisterna chyli
  • Hepatic then colic
  • Hepatic then phrenic

5. Which of these statements is true?

  • The hepatoduodenal ligament is part of the greater omentum
  • The falciform ligament is present on the posterior surface of the liver
  • The ligamentum teres comes from the inferior free edge of the falciform ligament
  • The falciform ligament gives rise to the triangular ligaments


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