Unit 2 gcse aqa economics revision

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Why do people work?
Pay, job satisfaction-social aspect or enjoyment of the job
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Why dont people work?
They are in edcucation, bringing up children,retiered (age 65)
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What is full time work?
A worker who works the maximum number of hours required in the normal working week for a particular job
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What is motivation?
A reason that sombody does something
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Define part time work
This refers to a worker who only works a fraction of the working week of a full time employee
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Define temporary employmet
Work that will only last for a specific periods of time usually a few weeks or months
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Define seasonal employment
Work that is only required for a specific period of a year
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In which sector has there been growth in the uk?
Services, as modern econemies grow there is a shift in employment patterns.Manafacturing employment declines and employment in thwe service sector grows so more manafactured goods are being imported
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What is specilisation?
Specilisationis when a worker concentrates on a specific part of the production and not all of the processes making them interdependant
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What are the benefits of specilisation?
Workers become more skilled, output is quicker, business can product output at a lower cost giving more profit or more money for higher wages
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What are the drawbacks of specilisation?
Workers become interdependant which may cause problems if there is a slight failuire at any point
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What are the 3 main things ict are used for?
The internet, email,homeworking
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Define flexible working
Workers who are more adaptable in time location or manner of work
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Why dont people work?


They are in edcucation, bringing up children,retiered (age 65)

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What is full time work?


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What is motivation?


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Define part time work


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