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reletive atomic mass
Σ (perentage abundance of each isotope x mass of each isotope) /100
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magnetic field
attraction that keeps electrons from repelling each other
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electronic configuration
the arrangement of electron in an atom EG: the arrow and box / orbital method
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first ionization energy
The first ionisation energy of an element is the energy required to remove one electron from each of a mole of free gaseous atoms of that element.
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A reaction in which the species looses electrons
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The effect of the inner electrons screening the outer electrons from the nuclear charge
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a method of prolonged heating
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reducing agent
electron donor
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any element in group 7
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gains an electron
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enthapy change
the heat energy change in a reaction at constant pressure
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lone pair
electrons in the outer shell that are not involved in bonding
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a reaction in which the rates of forward and backward reactions are equal
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number of moles
concentration x volume (cm3) / 1000 or concentration x volume (dm3)
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ideal gas equation
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% atom economy
(mass of desired product / total mass of reactants) x 100
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percentage yield
(actual yield / theoretical yield) x 100
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ionization energy
decreases down group 2, increases across a period
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electrostatic attraction
holds positive & negative ions together
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magnetic field


attraction that keeps electrons from repelling each other

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electronic configuration


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first ionization energy


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