unit 1

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1. The visuo-spatial sketchpad...

  • is not a part of the memory
  • s a limited capacity, temporary memory system for holding visual and spatial information.
  • has a limitless capacity and memories stored in the visuo-spatial sketchpad will not decay over time.
  • can hold upto 4 pieces of information
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2. The phonological loop...

  • is a limited capacity, temporary storage system for holding verbal information in a speech based form.
  • can hold a infinite amount of information.
  • will only function if information that is processed is rehearsed.
  • is not a part of the memory

3. How many pieces of information can the STM hold?

  • 5-9
  • 2-4
  • 5-8
  • 2-8

4. The central executive...

  • can only function at certain parts of the day.
  • tricks the memory into remembering things on a daily basis with help from the phonological loop.
  • has a supervisory function and controls the slave systems. It has limited capacity but can process information from any sensory modality.
  • Is not the main part of the memory and can only do what it is told when receiving information from another source in the memory.

5. explain what is meant by encoding

  • Encoding is singing outloud
  • Encoding is the way in which information is stored/put into/processed into memory
  • Encoding is when you remember things
  • Encoding is creating a code in french


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