Unit 4

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How can you achieve immortality?
Leaving a legacy, living in memory of others, resurrection, reincarnation or rebirth
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What is resurrection?
Physically getting up fro the dead
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What is reincarnation?
Changing in to a different being depending on karma
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What is rebirth?
Karma being passed on
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What is dualism?
Believing that the soul and body can live on with out each other
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Why do some people think that there is no heaven?
Between Earth and space there is no heaven
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What is the best evidence of an after life?
Holy scripture, Near death experiences, Ghosts and challenning
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What are the arguments for the existence of God?
Afterlife, freewill, holy books, miracles, sin comes from elsewhere, wanting to be looked after by someone else.
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What are the arguments against the existence of God?
No eviedence, science, sin, suffering and evil, believing in something else
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What is a miracle?
An event that can not be explained by laws of nature
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What do Fundamentalist believe?
Believing that the Bible is the direct word from God
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What do non literal Christian believe?
Bible not to be taken word to word
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What do some scientists and some christains believe?
Science explains how and religion explains why
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What is resurrection?


Physically getting up fro the dead

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What is reincarnation?


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What is rebirth?


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What is dualism?


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