Unit 1 - Production

Questions based on GCSE AQA Business Studies Unit 1 Production topic.

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1. Which of these is "Providing a service for the benefit of others"?

  • Secondary Sector
  • Tertiary Sector
  • Primary Sector
  • Quaternary Sector
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2. Which of these is not an influence of production location?

  • Economies of Concentration
  • Location of Raw Materials
  • Local Crime Rates
  • Industrial Inertia

3. Which of these is the correct definition of Batch Production?

  • Using as few resources as possible in the production process.
  • Producing identical products at a fast rate for a large customer base.
  • Producing tailor-made products for a unique customer.
  • Organising to increase efficiency.

4. Which of these is the Primary Sector?

  • Providing a service of information for the benefit of others at a cost.
  • Mining or extracting raw materials.
  • Providing a service for the benefit of others at a cost.
  • Producing a product from raw materials.


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