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2. Thrombin is

  • a soluble plasma protein
  • an insoluble protein that forms a mesh to trap red blood cells
  • an enzyme that converts prothrombin into thrombin
  • a clotting factor released by platelets

3. Which of the following is the name of the bond used to join amino acids together?

  • peptide
  • ester
  • glycosidic
  • phosphodiester

4. Which of the following shows the reaction catalysed by thromboplastin?

  • prothrombin converted to thrombin
  • thrombin converted to prothrombin
  • fibrinogen converted to fibrin
  • fibrin converted to fibrinogen

5. One advantage of DNA having two complementary strands is that

  • semi-conservative replication is possible
  • transcription and replication can occur at the same time
  • diploid cells can inherit DNA from both parents
  • hydrolysis of DNA is faster


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