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What is the genre of Dexter?
Crime drama and Psycho crime
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What is the main area of representation in Dexter?
Gender e.g. Deb in Miami Metro
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What role does Dexter play in the narrative?
Hero is Dexter. However he is problematic as a hero as he is a serial killer
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What type of narrative is Dexter?
Non-linear - flashbacks & flashforwards, multiple narratives, piece together the narrative. Use of enigmas - how we never really get equilibrium. open narrative with some closure.
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What is Dexter?
US programme shown in the US and also has a significant global reach.
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How many seasons did Dexter run?
8 seasons. Large demand, profit "showtime". Creates more moraly complex with explicit content. More adventurous with narrative.
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what type of channel is Dexter shown on?
Subscription channel - people pay extra each month. SHOWTIME is in about 20 million homes in the US and does not have adverts. Wholey owned subsidary of CBS corporation.
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What type of audience is Dexter attracting?
Higher on the social grade scale and willing to pay more for a complex narrative. 2.8 million tuned in to see series 8 finale. SHOWTIME's highest ever rating for an original series.
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What ratings are most important to premium channels?
Weekly figures that include replays as well as DVR
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What was Dexter named as in 2011?
The most pirated show with 3.62 million. 2.19 milion also watched legitimately. It was also the 2nd most pirated show of 2012.
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What awards did Dexter win/was nominated for?
won 2 Golden globes and 26 other awards. Nominated for 87 overall.
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What channel showed Dexter in the UK?
FOX with 300,000 viewers. First two seasons were also shown on ITV1
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What do we see in terms of construction in the first few minutes of the pilot?
Don't see full face - darkened close up. Multiple scenes with low key lighting. Siloutte close up and see eyes in the rear view mirror. See Dexter in extreme close up. Emotionless , monotone commentary.
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What enigmas are used in the opening of the Dexter pilot?
"Hungrey for something else" and "its going to happen again" while he is in the car.Also eerie piano music is playing
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What motive is used in the opening of dexter?
Use of colour red - connotations of blood
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Where is Dexter set?
Miami USA. Near Cuba (Drugs)
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Who are the main characters featured in the pilot of Dexter?
Dexter Morgan, Debra Morgan, Sergeant Doakes, Lt Maria la Guerta, Jamie Jaworski (victim of Dexters), Rita and kids Aster and Codie, Vince Masuka, Angel
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What is featured in Dexters first kill scene?
"Mike Donovan. He's the one" dark lighitng at night, fog/mist, Dexter is aggressive/mentally troubled, comes across as hero as he says he can't kill children.Shows his expertise - transistion into smiling close up in daytime on the boat.
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What gives us an insight into Dexters character in the pilot episode when hes at work?
Dexter is obsessed with blood. Close up of blood spatters. Shows how many he has killed. Also mentions code of Harry.
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How is deb introduced?
Wearing little clothing as an undercover ******. Shows she is low in the force at this point.
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How is Miami metro homicide represented in the opening pilot episode?
At the pool scene with the first ice truck killer victim the miami metro homicide team seems casually sexist and laid back. e.g. vice says the victim "Has a nice ***"
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What binary oppositions are present in the first Dexter episode?
Bloodless body compared to Dexter's kills that are more bloody. "Hone his craft"
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What does Dexter do that makes his character more likeable and relateable?
He is humourous and shows he is well liked by handing out donuts to his colluegues.Good with kids and commited relationship with reeta
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How is Sgt Doakes represented in the opening Dexter pilot episode?
He is rude and brash. Shows he is high up in force as he has no uniform. Very harsh language and gives orders. Wants stuff done quickly. Justice and truth not massively important. Hints that police are ineffetcive, 20% murder solve rate in miami.
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How is Dexters Victim Jamie Jaworski represented in the opening pilot episode of Dexter?
SLow motion close up shows how horrible he is. Tattoo and Dexter describing the story behind him to informt the viewer.
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What are examples of the non-linear structure in Dexter?
Flashbacks to Dexters past. Enigma of what happened before he was fostered.
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What is the murder scene like?
eerie loud creepy music before murder scene. Dark lighitng. Dexter seems casual e.g. on the phone when clearing up body parts to rita. Also we see his signature cut to the cheek and the making of the blood slide
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Dexter has a felxinarrative. What is a felxinarrative?
Combines the elements of the series and the serial. Episodes have a self contained narrative but also are an ongoing storyline. Can be catagorised by short sequences of action, rapid paced editing, sections concentrating on character relationships.
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Name one of the multiple storylines that arise during the pilot episode of dexter
Deb & Dexters relationship. Dexters & Rita's relationship. Dexters past. Dexters individual cases e.g. who is the ice truck killer? Dexters relationship with boss & colleugues. Coke head murders.killing Jaworski.Killing Mike Donovan.Debs career
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Name two open and two resolved storylines in the pilot episode of Dexter
open - Dex & rita's relationship, Dex's past, Dex & colleagues relationship,ice truck killer, deb career, dex & deb relationship. Resolved - Coke head murders,Jaworski killing,Donovan killing
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What is the season long narrative arc in Dexter? (lack of equilibrium)
The ice truck killer's identity
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When do we enter the narrative of Dexters life?
Flasbacks, hes skills in his job show that we are entering in the middle of the narrative.
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What is the narrative driven by?
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What examples of enigmas are in the pilot episode of Dexter?
what is the code of Harry, What happened to Dex in early life, will he get found out by Doakes, who is the ice truck killer (why is he targetin/building relationship with him?) , is harry corrupt or a serial killer? , Will Deb progress in her career
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How can Propps character roles be linked to Dexter?
Hero - Dexter. Villian - Doakes. Helper - Harry
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What allows us to identify with Dexter despite his "Dark passenger"?
Playing with Rita's kids, harry/rita love him,doughnuts at work,sense of humour and charm,strong sense of right and wrong. "Code" to follow with morals, try to fit in & manufacture emotions, see him as young boy - sympathy, voiceover in his thoughts
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What Binary oppositions are present in the Dexter pilot episode?
Dexter and ice truck killer , Deb vs Rita , Dexter vs Doakes
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What are features of a traditional crime drama?
Small number of detectives, new crime every episode, crime is always solved, detectives are heroes , criminals are never developed as characters
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What are features of a soap opera influenced crime drama
Less attention to crime, large numbe rof central characters, private lives and personal problems account for important sub plots, multiple storylines , police often break law themselves to catch law breakers, camera kept close on key characters
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What are features of a Psycho Crime/Forensic drama
Deals with gruesome murder and attendant forensic detection process , graphic representations , dark vision of human nature - can be bleak and negative , Emphasis often on why did they, rather than who done it.
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How does their career effect Deb and Maria's representation?
They are both women in a traditionally male dominanted career. Do not demonstrate many female traits and put more effort into work than imidiate relationships. Feel that success & victory hide vunrability and self-doubt
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As a female how is the appearance of Deb constructed in the pilot episode of Dexter?
Standard police uniform, little authority, no make up & hair tied back, boyish figure
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As a female how is Maria constructed?
Feminine in terms of clothing and make up. She is flirtatious and undermines Deb.
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As a female how is Rita constructed?
Demonstrates traditional female traits. Defined by her relationship to Dexter. Weak & needs protection.Physcially & emotionally vunrable because of previous relationship. Feminine & child like - wears dress,Softly spoken,little make up, long hair
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How is Dexter constructed in terms of appearance?
Abnormally normal. Unremarkable appearance. White middle class male.
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As a male how is Dexter constructed?
In his everyday life Dexter does not show many stereotypical masculine traits. He is mild mannered, supportive and unassuming and never rises to Doakes jibes
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As a male how is Doakes constructed?
More traditional male traits. He is violent and aggressive, expresses unhappiness with violence.
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