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What was the exchequer?
Collected revenue from royal property, taxes and customs
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What was the chamber?
Finance system directly under Henry VII
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What were Crown Lands?
Lands held by Henry by inheritence/confiscation
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What were feudal obligations?
Paid by tenants: wardships/livery/escheats/marriage dues/relief. / levied on special occasions
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Bonds and recognisances?
B-promised to pay money if they did not keep a promise/ R-obligation of money
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Custom duties?
To pay for English defences/ Tonnage and poundage on import and exports/subsidy on wool
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Profits of justice?
Fees paid for royal writs and letters/ fines levied by the courts
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Parliamentary grants?
Help the king when the national interest was threatened/ fifteenth from rural, tenth from urban
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From richer subjects in times of emergency
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A type of forced loan with no repayment
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Clerical taxes?
simony-selling of church appointments/ vacant bishoprics-on the death of a bishop his post would be kept vacant and the king would protect the revenue.
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What was the chamber?


Finance system directly under Henry VII

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What were Crown Lands?


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What were feudal obligations?


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Bonds and recognisances?


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