Treaty of Versailles quiz

A quick quiz on topics that may likely come up in the history exam about the treaty of versailles. :)

Please comment :)

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  1. Which one of these punishments did not happen to Germany?

  2. How much did Germany pay in reperations

  3. Which one of these was not part of the 'Big three

  4. Which member of the big four wanted peace and to punish germany lightly?

  5. Which member of th big four wanted Germany to pay and suffer for what they have done

  6. Which member of the big four wanted germany to be punished but no too harshly

  7. Germany was only alowed an army of 100,000men and a navy of 15,000. Is that true or false?

  8. Which country was given the treaty of st Germain to sign?

  9. Which country was given the treaty of Trianon to sign?

  10. Which country was given the treaty of Neuilly to sign?

  11. Which country was given the treaty of sevres to sign?

  12. Which of these was not given away from Germany by the treaty of versailles?

  13. What is the term used to describe the union between Austria and Germany which was made forbidden in the treaty of versailles?

  14. Which of these did Woodrow Wilson not want from the treaty of versailles


bob truma

Nice quiz, thank you

Ragnaros the Firelord

By the way vittorio is italys prime minister and so the big three sometimes is considered the big four, but you don't need to worry about him in the exam just france, england and america.

Ragnaros the Firelord

Also feel free if you feel unsure about any questions to ask me to explain them. :)


Thanks mats!!!

Elliot Burford

Great quiz :)

Only ones I got wrong were the names of the other treaties


just got the parts about the big 3 and big 4 wrong, though haven't actually studied that yet :/

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