Transport in Animals

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1. What is not true about a capillary ?

  • Lumen is the same diameter as a red blood cell
  • There are elastic tissue in the walls to squeeze the erythrocytes through
  • Walls made from a single row of flattened endothelium cells (Reduce diffusion distance)
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2. Which of these is not found in tissue fluid?

  • Oxygen
  • Plasma Proteins
  • Hormones
  • CO2

3. Which is not the correct statement?

  • Plasma proteins are found in tissue fluid
  • Higher hydrostatic pressure at the arteirole end
  • Plasma leaves through tiny gaps in the arteriole
  • Tussue fluid leaves at the arterial end
  • Tissue fluid is collected back at the venule end

4. Which out of these have the highest CO2 concentration?

  • Tissue Fluid
  • Lymph
  • Blood
  • Bone marrow

5. What is not an adaptation of the vein?

  • Collagen, smooth muscle and elastic tissue is much more less than in an artery
  • Small lumen to maintain blood pressure
  • Thin vein walls- Skeletal muscle produces pressure by moving against it
  • Valves - Stop backflow of blood


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