Transport in Animals

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1. What is not true about a capillary ?

  • Lumen is the same diameter as a red blood cell
  • There are elastic tissue in the walls to squeeze the erythrocytes through
  • Walls made from a single row of flattened endothelium cells (Reduce diffusion distance)
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2. The higher the partial pressure of O2 the ....?

  • The flatter the dissociation curve
  • Higher the oxygen saturation with heamoglobin
  • Lower the oxygen saturation with heamoglobin

3. Which of these steps are not found in the cardiac cycle?

  • Atrial Systole - The atria contract and push the blood in the ventricls
  • Ventricular systole- The ventricles contract and the atrio -ventricular valves close making a lub sound and the blood is pushed out of the heart
  • Complete cardiac omission -The whole heart stops movement for 0.3 seconds to rest
  • Ventricular diastole - Whole heart relaxes and semilunar valves close making the dub sound , blood flows in through vena cava and pulmonary vein

4. Which of these statements are wrong?

  • Partial pressure is not measured in kPa
  • Fetal heamoglobin has a higher affinity for oxygen than adult heamoglobin
  • Bohr effect cause the the association curve to flattern and be lower

5. A single circulatory system is?

  • Blood is not always contained in vessels like in a haemocoel
  • A system in which the blood flows through the heart once per cycle
  • A system in which the blood flows through the heart twice per cycle


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