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2. A closed circulatory system is when ?

  • Blood is always enclosed in blood vessels
  • A system in which the blood flows through the heart once per cycle
  • Blood is not always contained in vessels like in a haemocoel

3. Which of these is only found in blood?

  • Glucose
  • Erythrocytes
  • Proteins
  • Fats

4. Which of these is not used in the electrical conduction of the heart.

  • Atrio-ventricular valves
  • Purkinje Fibres
  • Sino-Atrial node
  • Atrial ventricular node

5. What is not a way that co2 is transported in the blood?

  • Bound to the membrane of leucocytes
  • Carbon dioxide can also bind to the amino groups on plasma proteins
  • Binding with heamoglobin to make carbaminohaemoglobin 10%
  • Transported as hydrogen carbonate ions HCO3- (disolved in plasma) 85%
  • Dissolved in plasma 5%


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