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2. Which of these is NOT an adaptation of alveoli?

  • A large surface area.
  • Very thick walls to protect themselves from high pressure.
  • A good blood supply.
  • Most lining for dissolving gases.

3. What is the job of the lungs?

  • To thin the blood.
  • To transfer oxygen into the blood and remove waste carbon dioxide.
  • To add carbon dioxide to the blood.
  • To add oxygen and nitrogen from the air into the blood.

4. Which of these is NOT an adaptation for an exchange surface?

  • Having a small surface area.
  • Being very thin.
  • Lots of blood vessels.
  • Good ventilation.

5. Can cells absorb ions from very dilute solutions?

  • It depends on the solution.
  • No - there are more particles in the cells than in the dilute solution.
  • Yes - through active transport.
  • I don't know.


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