Trade Quiz

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1. What is a trade deficit?

  • When a country's imports are dildos lol
  • When a country's imports are greater than exports
  • When a country's exports are greater than imports
  • When a country's dildos are greater than imports
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2. What does APEC stand for?

  • Australian Peoples' Economic Co-operation
  • Australia-Pacific Economic Co-opertation
  • Australia-Papua New Guinea Economic Corporation
  • Australia-Pacific Economic Corporation

3. What is a import?

  • Good/service bought from another country
  • Good/service sold to another country
  • Good/service sold to a real estate agent
  • Dick

4. What is a tarrif?

  • A limit on an importable good/service
  • A tax on imported goods/service
  • A grant of money given to a producer
  • A ban on an imported good/service

5. What is an export?

  • Weeeeeeeeeee
  • Good or service bought from another country
  • Good or service sold to another country
  • An egg


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