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2. What are the three types of environments where tourism is found?

  • Coasts, Mountains and Cities.
  • Big ones, small ones and medium-sized ones.

3. Define Mass Tourism.

  • Tourism on a large scale to one country or region.
  • A lot of people going somewhere.

4. What are the fourth and fifth stage of the Butler Model?

  • Consolidation and Stagnation
  • Decline
  • Development
  • Involvement
  • Rejuvenation

5. Define Consolidation.

  • Tourist numbers begin to decline and the area/resort doesnt have the money to develop new attractions and become more run down.
  • Tourists come regularly, jobs are secure but some places and buildings are beginning to look unattractive and neglected.
  • A PC or Xbox
  • Where people console one another.


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