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1. Where is pseudostratified columnar epithelium located?

  • Oesophagus, sweat glands and male urethra
  • Lining of male reproductive system & respiratory tract
  • Alveoli, kidneys and blood vessels
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2. Where is simple squamous epithelium located?

  • alveoli, kindeys & blood vessels
  • lining of the male reproductive system & respiratory tract
  • oesophagus, sweat glands and male urethra
  • mouth, tongue & ******

3. Where is stratified cuboidal epithelium located?

  • Ovaries, kidney tubules and ducts of smaller glands
  • Male urethra and in ducts of some glands
  • Osephagus, sweat glands and in male urethra
  • Male reproductive system & lining of repiratory tract

4. Where is transitional epithelium located?

  • Lining of male reproduction system & respiratory tract
  • Male utheria and ducts of some glands
  • Organs, eg - bladder
  • Lining of the ovaries, kidney tubules & ducts of smaller glands

5. Where is simple columnar epithelium located?

  • Passagewys of CNS, fallopian tubes & lining of digestive tract
  • Male reproductive system & respiratory tract
  • Found in organs, eg - bladder


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